The Key to a natural look with toppers is a  custom cut and color.​ See the Hair Loss        practitioner for the best fit for you. 


The Specs

13 different collections to enhance your natural hair.

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 salon for healthy hair & scalp 

​​                     It's not a wig. 

This collection has been designed for women with thinning hair, partial hair loss, suffer with balding areas, or for those who just need extra volume.

  •  Base is made of “breathable mesh” keeping airflow circulation to the scalp & roots. 

  •  The “breathable mesh base” is “transparent” like a second skin. If you put the base against your skin, your own skin color/tone sheers through, making it look 100% Natural! 

  • The “Top Piece” is crafted so that you can make the hair parting on the left, middle or right side by simply using a blow dryer or flat iron. Each piece of hair was skillfully hand-tied so it can part in a multi-directional parting. Because not all hair partings are the same, we created a “Top Piece” so everyone and anyone can enjoy it! 

  • Each hair piece is made with a “Natural Fall”. This means we did not trim the ends of the hair. So you can wear it naturally or get it customized with your personal haircut. 

  • Made with 100% Remy Human Hair