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 Step 2: Treatment Plan

 Every treatment plan is formulated  according to your level of hair loss or  hair  damage. We take a multi-  therapeutic and  non-surgical approach.  This includes a  prescription for success  including  monthly monitoring (3 to 12  months). We stay with you so you're not  alone and can see results. 

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 ​ Step 3: See Results

  HAIR THERAPY                                 

 Our Hair Loss Practitioner will perform a hair and  scalp exam through trichoscopy (microscope) to  get  to the root of the issue. A monitor screen is  set up where you will visually see your scalp as it  appears under the scope. Here we can address all  issues and concerns. We also work in conjunction  with your Dermatologist or Physician when  applicable. 

 It's time for action. It takes 3 months to see  results  under the scope and 9 months for a  hair strand to fully mature. Your best defense  in attacking hair loss and damage is to start  immediately. Be proactive.

Bookings are by appointment only as we provide confidential services.

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 ​​Step 1: Hair + Scalp Analysis

 salon for healthy hair & scalp 

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Damaged hair, Thin Hair, Hair Loss?  We can help.